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The Indigenous Gathering House attempts to achieve a sense of place and safety for the aboriginal people of Calgary and its surrounding area while also inviting all non-aboriginal to come to learn, heal, and reconcile through aboriginal practices and teachings.

One may venture into the Indigenous Gathering house and feel as they are a part of something greater than themselves and heal in their own individual way. As one continues to learn and grow, each visit to the center becomes a unique experience as one’s path is never linear, but changes based on the journey they are currently on. Over time, their experiences will be reflected in the spirit of the meeting house, teaching all newcomers the way of healing.

The building is situated in Fort Calgary area, with a direct visual connection to the Bow River to the North. The building takes its inspiration from the idea of the Eagle feather, a central spiritual, teaching and healing symbol within the aboriginal culture. Its central core of circulation through main communal spaces is representative of the feather’s stem, while individual areas of reflection and meditation branch off from the main circulation, representing the individual feathers.



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